Your guide to Hawaii Island events, activites, things to do and more!  We are under construction so excuse our dust ;-)

Island Fun introduces the lessor known activities, tours, restaurants, exhibits, festivals, and more to Kama'aina and visitors that are interested in exploring all the Big Island has to offer.

-- Kama'aina will be able to get reacquainted with venues and places on the island and learn about new ones.

-- Tourists will learn about venues and places not normally in "tourist info"

-- Small bBusinesses and not-for-profits benefit from a targeted audience that is interested in knowing about them.  

We are Unique

Our content advertising offers the reader an experience where they can easily find out about a location, they are interested in.  Also, we provide links to nearby venues and places of interest. For instance a restaurant near a venue they are looking at is recommended.
Why do we do this?  Think back on how many display ads you have over looked!  Yes, display ads have their place but...

Links to nearby places in content will help to build community too!  Each contributor's page will include info about nearby businesses / non-profits, activities, beaches, parks etc...

Let talk. is a one stop site for anyone that wants to learn about the best the island has to offer. 
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Note: We respect the Hawaiian people and culture.  We take a stand with the Kia'i to protect Mauna a Wakea and any other Hawaiian land from further desecration.

Also, and our sister site recognizes the use of diacritical markings of the (modern) Hawaiian language including the ‘okina [‘] and the kahako [-]. 

We recognize the importance of using these to preserve the language and culture of Hawai‘i and respectfully use them whenever possible. Search engines and website character sets are sometimes not compatible - we do our best.